How To Avoid Bed Bugs

How To Avoid Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home


Bed bugs are brown wingless insects capable of surviving for extended periods of time. This makes it very important to understand how to avoid bed bugs and most importantly get rid of bed bugs in case they make way into your home. These bugs are commonly known to spread through travels therefore they can easily find their way into your home either through you or any other person that comes back from visiting a different place which initially had bed bugs. Take note these blood suckers do not discriminate hence it should be in your best interest that you know how to avoid bed bugs from invading your home or apartment. This should include learning what they are and how they grow. Normally they dwell most in well protected crevices and on beddings. To help you out here are a few tips on how to avoid bed bugs:

i. Cleaning: this is actually one o the best ways to avoid bed bugs. Make it a habit to thoroughly clean the house frequently. Clean the bedroom air you’re bedding outside, scrub areas around the house and wipe furniture. Cleaning is very important as it helps draw out most of these pests from the harborages. Note: if you can clean around the house using a vacuum cleaner and after use make sure it is properly cleaned.

how to avoid bed bugs

ii. Wash your fabrics regularly: using hot water wash your blankets, pillow cases, mattress and sofa covers. This is very important as hot water kills any of the pests available instantly. Preferably do this once every week this way you will be doing a good job keep the pests away from your home.

iii. Expose your items to extreme heat: this is meant for items that cannot be laundered. For such items it is advisable that you seal them in a plastic bag and expose them to the sun for long hours. The sun’s heat will then get rid of any bed bugs present before they turn into a menace.

iv. Make sure you wash any new clothing that you buy

v. Seek professional assistance: in case you prefer a quicker solution if you suspect you house to be infested with bed bugs you are free to call in professional pest exterminators. These being highly trained experienced personnel they will definitely know ho to address the situation at hand taking care of the bed bugs in a way they are less likely to come back again.

vi. Exercise precautionary measures: always spray yourself and your luggage prior to travelling on going to populated venues. Also spray your belongings and hidden locations around your house such as behind art works just to rule out chances of bed bugs growing in your absence.

vii. Steam cleaning is another way of avoiding a bed bugs infestation. This is method is usually very effective as it exposes any bugs around the house to extreme pressure which kills them.

Basically avoiding bed bugs requires that you keep your surrounding clean and always watch out for the slightest possible source of bed bugs in you house. Doing this coupled with the above tips on how to avoid bed bugs is a guarantee that bed bugs won’t be part of your life at any point and time.

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