Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you want to get rid of bed bugs, we suggest you keep reading. Bed bugs are very good at hiding. While they are predominantly found in parts of the bed such as box springs and mattresses, they are also found lodged in any crack or crevice in the wall, window and door frames, in furniture and carpets etc… If you aren’t sure you have a bed bug infestiation, we recommend you read more about them on our other pages: What are bedbugs and signs of bed bugs.


How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

A bed bug infestation is difficult and time consuming to deal with; however, it is not impossible to get rid of bed bugs. Keep in mind though, that dealing with a severe infestation may require you to seek the help of professional experts for complete extermination of these parasites. For infestations that are relatively mild, the following remedies will be of help.


Alcohol is believed to kill the bed bugs on contact. Hence spraying alcohol on the affected areas such as furniture surfaces and walls and wiping them with a cloth is helpful.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

It is highly recommended to simply throw out the infested mattresses to completely get rid of bed bugs. However, if that cannot be done, ensure that they are zipped and covered with a good quality plastic cover. Exposing the mattresses regularly to sunlight also helps kill bed bugs. Another remedy that could be tried to avoid disposing the mattresses is using a fabric steamer. The steam travels through the mattress and the extreme heat kills the bugs and destroys the eggs instantly.

Washing all clothes as well as the bedding including bed sheets, bed covers, pillow and cushion covers in very hot water is recommended as this again ensures that the parasites are killed.

The furniture and floors should be vacuum cleaned thoroughly. Ensure that special attention is given to areas like the seams, base of the beds, carpet edges etc. These are tough to clean areas but have a definite chance of infestation.

Kieselgur or diatomaceous earth has the ability to kill bed bugs by dehydrating them. Therefore, applying a barrier of this material around the beds or other areas invaded by these creatures also helps destroy them.

Bed bugs are known to dislike lavender. Placing lavender sachets around the house will help repel bed bugs. Using scented dryer sheets to cover sofas and mattresses also helps keep bed bugs away.

While the above mentioned remedies are effective and will help you get rid of bed bugs, in cases of severe infestation or in situations where the remedies have not been completely successful, it would be best to consult professionals such as pest management experts. This is an expensive option but the success rate is high. These professionals are equipped with various products and techniques for the extermination of bed bugs and therefore can help resolve the bed bug problem completely.

Bed bugs are not worth losing sleep on. It is important that we maintain hygienic conditions in our surroundings to avoid any infestation and if at all there is one, we need to stay alert and keep an out for its early detection so that the problem can be nipped in the bud. We hope this article has helped teach you how to get rid of bed bugs.

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