Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?


A lot has been written recently to document the imminent revival of the dreaded creatures – bed bugs! This has led to a lot of uproar as so many people are afraid they might get infested by these insects.

Consequently, more people are buying loads of insecticides and chemical formulations either to treat infestation (if they are already infested) or as a form of preparation in case they get infested.

As soon as people start buying insecticides and chemical formulation, more companies (mostly infant) will begin to spring up and offer their products (even if it is not that effective) to unsuspecting customers.

However, the cure to the problem is not about the product used for prevention or treatment, but how effective it is. We would be sceptical to buy any product merely on testimonials or glowing reviews we see. We would rather choose the best product or strategy that will actually give a lasting solution.

In this case, we decided to write an article that will answer the question “what is the best way to get rid of bed bugs ?”

best way to get rid of bed bugs

Many Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Although there are so many ways to get rid of bed bugs, most of them are not that effective; especially the application of insecticides. According to reports reaching us – from various expert and trustworthy publications – there seems to be an increase in bed bugs resistance to insecticides. While there is still a better way to wipe out these creatures, we implore you to be careful of what you buy now.

This article goes over the mechanics of killing the insects with the best method and keep them at bay.

Once you are able to get rid of those annoying creatures, you should also follow our guideline on how to prevent them from further infestation.

Is there a Better Way to Eliminate Bed Bugs?

There are so many salesmen with sugar-coated mouth on the prow who would lure you into buying their pest prevention products by claiming that it is better than the rest. Whereas they are only after your money.

You will see typical statement such as “Hey! After buying our products, you would not need another”. And you can imagine another screaming “Our product is the only one you need right now because it will cure all your bed bug nightmare.”

The crux of the matter is that the best way to get rid of bed bugs does not have to revolve around a product. Sometimes it involves complicated series of steps. While at other times it is just a simple step to take depending on the method followed. Also it could be a process that you go through, a method or a new technology to treat your infestation.

In order to really kill bed bugs and prevent them from entering your home, you need to set up a plan (an effective one by the way). This is what you are about to learn in this article.

Once I Get Rid of Bed Bugs With this Method, What Next?

The method you are about to learn in this article is the best because it works almost all the time. Firstly, you will be able to eliminate bed bugs. And secondly, you will also be able to keep them from getting back to you.

The most important and equally difficult step you would take starts at the beginning of the process. Once you bypass this hurdle, the rest is a piece of cake. (You need to eliminate them first. After that, you need to keep them out of your home. The latter is not difficult at all if you know what to do.)

After getting rid of bed bugs, the next thing you need to do is to make sure they don’t re-infest your home. You should be able to do this in two ways vis – have a preventative plan in place (which you will learn in this article). And also keep up with the latest news on bugs (which you can find on this site) by subscribing to our rss feed or by entering your address in the box on the right side-bar.

best way to get rid of bed bugsI Want to Eliminate these Bugs Now: Show me the Method?

There is a way you can easily wipe out bed bugs completely without having to vacate your home; that is by eliminating them from your home. This can be a tad bit difficult at first as these little creature are likely to be anywhere in your home. They could hide under your mattresses and bed sheets, behind loosen pictures hanged on the wall, under crevices and cracks on the wall.

The best way to make sure these insects don’t see the light of day is by sealing those places while they are there resting. This can easily be done during the day too! By doing this, you will reduce their chances of escape when you treat these areas later.

Once you have sealed those places and ready to kill those annoying creatures, there are several ways to go about killing them. However, the most effective and harmless method to do this is by using steam cleaning. This method is so simple but powerful.

Many of the pest control management firms and professional pest exterminators make use of steaming to effectively kill bed bugs. They are able to kill them by using the steaming machine at bed bug lethal temperature which they normally cannot survive. They rarely survive the heat from a steaming machine which is set above 110 degree Fahrenheit.

If you decide to be the exterminator yourself, the lethal point (the killing temperature) to kill them is 120 degree Fahrenheit. When you apply this much heat to them, they will be unable to survive the attack.

After they have been killed, the issue will no longer be about bed bugs but how to keep them to prevent further re-infestation. If things are done properly, it is rare for the bugs to resurface.

Keeping them From Future Attack

It is important that you monitor your travelling internationally. This is the number one way to get infested. Also make sure your visitors don’t bring them into your home. It doesn’t matter whether they are your relative or friends as those insects do not discriminate.

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