Bed Bug Spray – what you need to know

Bed bug spray, as the name suggests, is used for getting rid of harmful bed bugs. Your house runs a greater risk of bed bug infestations if your sanitary conditions are bad, or of there are birds or animals nesting in the house or its vicinity.

Ingredients used in bed bug sprays

Some sprays use chemical insecticides for killing bed bugs. They are expensive but very effective and fast. However they have poisonous substances in them making them harmful to your skin. Biological sprays use living organisms to destroy bed bugs. These cheap sprays are safe because they do not have toxic components. There are also sprays that contain harsh herbal extracts that enable the spray to kill bed bugs quickly.

Bed Bug Spray

Types of sprays to kill bed bugs

There are some sprays, which kill bed bugs only when they come in contact with them. They contain chemicals like pyrethoids or herbal extracts from Chrysanthemum flowers that destroy the bug instantaneously through their peculiar smell. They may become ineffective if bugs develop repellent properties against them; in such cases they can at the most prevent bugs from coming where they have been applied.

The other kinds of sprays destroy the eggs of bed bugs and the young ones called nymphs. They are slow in their process of extermination of bed bugs.

Other than the above mentioned varieties, you can also use bed bug spray with chemicals like silica powder or ground glass. However these are very harmful to human beings. So you must be careful while applying the spray.

How to use the bed bug spray?

The bed bugs hide on mattresses, beds and other furniture you use for sleeping or resting purpose. It is necessary to make those areas empty before applying the spray. You must spray a light mist on bed frames and on mattresses, especially on its sides and bottom. The spray must be applied on all cracks and holes because bed bugs thrive in such places. Reapplication for about 3-4 times a month is required for complete bed bug extermination.

Taking the help of professional pest killer operators is probably the best option. They are experts in pest control and will tell you how to deal with furniture and mattresses that may contain residues of the bed bug spray and avoid their harmful effects.

You must be choosy, while buying a bed bug spray. You should go for residual insecticide because it stays on for a long period of time.


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